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  • Stunts done
    by actors

  • Rigging

  • Engineering

  • Specialised skills

  • Stunt rigging
    and wire work

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Stuntdepartment Belgium

Stuntdepartment Belgium” is founded by Marco Maas. With his background in sports academy, royal Dutch marine corps, martial arts, diving and mountaineering Marco started his career at the age of 23 and grew out to an international operating stunt coordinator and founder of Stunt department Belgium BVBA.

Marco Maas

Company Owner, Stuntcoördinator

Stunt department Belgium can provide almost all your needs in stunts and all action related specialism’s. From driving to diving, rigging, cars, airbags, air ramps, winches, descenders, fire gear whatever you need and that combined with the many years of knowledge, experience in order to make it functional and work for you. This also includes the safety procedures plus the operational and logistics around each project.

The Stuntdepartment Belgium bvba, based in Herentals, also has the approvals from the Federal Public Service Finance of Belgium (FOD) with respect to the Tax Shelter system of Belgium.




Diamantstraat 8/503
2200 Herentals


+31 (0)6 42 702 691